June 11, 2024

Revolutionising distribution channels and client engagement for structured products in wealth management

Vangelis Sakelliou, our Director, shares insights with The Wealth Mosaic on how integrating cutting-edge technologies can dramatically enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and appeal of structured products.

In this series, The Wealth Mosaic interviews senior executives from leading wealth management firms, solution providers, and WealthTech influencers to learn more about their journeys, perspectives on the market, and how they see the future of wealth management.

Dive deep into these exclusive conversation and discover how to stay at the forefront of wealth management innovation!

“Digital innovation has significantly enhanced wealth management by revolutionising distribution channels and client engagement for structured products”

To start, could you tell us a bit more about yourself please, Vangelis?
I have led our Business Development and Marketing initiatives for the past few years. Based in London and overseeing EMEA business operations, I bring over two decades of expertise in banking technology and FinTech. With a track record spanning SunGard, FIS, and Bloomberg, I have pioneered market expansion strategies and product launches. Currently, I am driving business development and marketing efforts, leveraging my background in Economics and Finance to propel our company’s growth. Inspired by Futora, I am committed to steering our organisation towards future success through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

How has digital innovation influenced the distribution channels and client engagement strategiesfor structured products within wealth management?
Digital innovation has significantly enhanced wealth management by revolutionising distribution channels and client engagement for structured products. Real-time data availability enables immediate sharing with clients, fostering transparency and trust in the advisory relationship. Relationship managers (RMs) utilise advanced structured product management systems to address client inquiries and deliver personalised services. Pricing for structured products is instantly accessible, thanks to automated trading systems, which means that clients receive accurate information without any delay.

Moreover, customer information consolidation at the RM level empowers advisers to tailor solutions based on individual client profiles and investment criteria. This integration of technology not only streamlines operations but also enriches the client experience, making wealth management more accessible and adaptive to evolving market conditions. Additionally, AI-driven insights further enhance decision-making processes, providing RMs with valuable intelligence to better serve their clients.

How can wealth management explore additional ways to utilise existing technological capabilities? What emerging technologies could they integrate further to improve their services?
Within the structured product market, wealth management firms can utilise existing technological capabilities to revolutionise various aspects of their operations. By tapping into advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, they gain deeper insights into client preferences and behaviour, enabling the creation of more personalised investment strategies. These technologies also empower firms to analyse market data comprehensively, identifying trends and opportunities to design tailored structured products efficiently, meeting specific client objectives and risk profiles.

AI and ML also offer avenues for refining pricing models and optimising product structuring, enhancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of structured products in contrast with other investment products. Additionally, AI-driven chatbots can provide seamless customer support, improving client engagement and satisfaction.

By integrating these existing and emerging technologies, wealth management firms can significantly enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and appeal of structured products. This transformation enables them to better serve the diverse needs of their clientele in an increasingly digital world, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation in the wealth management industry.

What initiatives is Futora undertaking to stay at the forefront of digital trends and technologies in the context of structured product development and wealth management services?
Futora is strategically leveraging AI across various aspects of its operations to maintain a leading position in digital trends and technologies within structured products:

  • Enhancing documentation processes with AI: Futora is developing advanced AI-powered document management systems, automating processes such as document generation, classification, and retrieval. This can potentially streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and improve accessibility, thereby optimising client experiences and internal workflows.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with AI: Futora is leveraging AI algorithms to ensure compliance with dynamic regulatory standards. Real-time monitoring and analysis will empower the company to swiftly adapt to regulatory changes, reducing compliance risks and ensuring alignment with industry best practices.
  • Developing pricing strategies with AI: Futora is in the developmental phase of integrating AI capabilities into RM workstations to refine pricing strategies. By analysing extensive data sets, including market trends, client profiles, and competitor pricing, AI empowers RMs to make data-driven pricing decisions, maximising profitability and client satisfaction

These initiatives demonstrate Futora’s commitment to harnessing AI-driven innovations to drive operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and client-centricity in structured product development and wealth management services.

Can you address any innovative features of Futora’s technology in assisting companies, such as banks, in offering structured products to all customer segments (including retail clients)?
Futora’s comprehensive platform offers multiple capabilities that aid the entire structured investment product team, excelling operationally with numerous automation.

The case of retail clients, particularly those intriguing to banks, reveals significant interest in serving these customers. Our Subscription Module provides a complete operational, managerial, and monitoring system for offering structured products under subscription. This feature has two interfaces tailored for the Relationship Managers (RMs) and the product team administrators, empowering them with an easy-to-use order management system that facilitates scaling your structured products business.

While serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals may seem more important, Futora enables the servicing of all Private Banking arm clients, regardless of the notional amount. Issuing structured products can secure cheaper funding while distributing your own products can reach a broader client base while maintaining personalised services efficiently.

Combined with other accessible tools in our system, structured product operations become streamlined, allowing you to focus solely on your valued clients.

Can you share more about the specific features or innovations of your platform that contributed to winning the ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ award(SRP Europe 2024)?
Our platform’s recognition stems from its innovative features and capabilities that have significantly contributed to winning the award. Firstly, our seamless transition of manual workflows into digital processes has revolutionised efficiency within our organisation, garnering attention for its transformative impact. Secondly, the platform’s robust data accessibility empowers stakeholders with real-time insights, enhancing decision-making processes. Additionally, our platform fosters collaboration and personalised service delivery across all levels, from clients to investment teams, through its intuitive interface and comprehensive tools. Lastly, its unified ecosystem, consolidating various functionalities into one centralised platform, has set a new standard for user experience and productivity. These specific features have been instrumental in earning recognition for our platform’s excellence and innovation.

Get to know our journey better!
Futora was founded in 2019 as Modelity Marketplace, a division of Modelity Technologies, a leader in the field of structured financial products. Following the acquisition of Modelity Technologies, Modelity Marketplace was spun off as an independent company under the Futora brand in 2020.

We carry forward the same expertise, innovative technologies, and strong brand recognition from our roots in Modelity Technologies.

Our founders, Asaf Seri and Ayal Leibowitz, are seasoned entrepreneurs with successful fintech ventures under their belts, guiding Futora with their vision and expertise.

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