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Distribution of third party products

Servicing clients in a private wealth environment is demanding and high-paced. Advisors and the investment team must provide ideas and execute them quickly, while managing all overhead tasks required to create a new investment. Post-sale, the team must provide life cycle support and client portfolio management throughout the product lifecycle.

Futora’s solution removes this burden and allows investment teams to manage all information needed to service clients from a central dashboard.

Advisors can use Futora’s whitelabel platform to access information about products and ideas, execute trades and efficiently provide lifecycle support.

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Issuance of structured products

Raise cheaper funding and distribute your own structured products with a robust end-to-end solution.

Treasury and investment teams, responsible for structuring and issuing notes and managing business and distribution channels, still rely on costly manual processes.

Futora’s solution supports these teams by automating the issuing of notes. It helps the treasury to run the structured products business more efficiently, allowing the bank to issue and distribute more structured products with lower costs and higher profitability.

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Personalised structured deposits

Customers today are looking for a better and more personalised service from their service providers and the products they buy.

Traditionally, the costs and complexity of issuing structured products meant they were only offered to high-net-worth individuals.

Futora’s solution allows banks to design, structure, issue and distribute custom structured investments for all segments.

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Invest in structured products

Investors want access to a wide range of products. They also want to analyse the market before they open a position. Marketing collateral and advice are useful, but results dramatically improve thorough analysis.

Access to structured investments such as autocallables or participation notes must be straightforward and cost-effective to reduce friction for investors.

Futora’s solution allows institutional investors to access various types of structured products, price various permutations, conduct analysis and execute trades.

Insurance wrapped structured products

Insurance companies can offer life insurance products with an embedded investment. In certain jurisdictions, structured products can be wrapped into these products. The wrapper accumulates income at favourable tax rates and offers more attractive tax benefits than other investment vehicles. The investment and saving feature of the policy provides the holder with an alternative cash flow.

Futora supports insurance companies that want to structure and issue insurance wrappers, helping in each phase of the process, including navigating the vast burden of regulatory compliance.