Transform your Investment Offering

Create personalised structured investments that fit each customer’s individual needs

Custom Investments Made Easy

Create tailor-made products that fit each segment of the bank. 

By leveraging our award-winning technology and operations, any size of bank can create custom investment products quickly and easily, gaining a competitive edge. 

A complete Structured Products ecosystem at your fingertips

Empowering financial institutions to issue and distribute structured products, using the power of technology to support investment, advisors and treasury teams. 


For Private Banks and Distributors

For Issuers

For Family Offices

Next-Gen Tailor Made Investments


Harness the power of TECHNOLOGY and DIGITAL AUTOMATION to create personal investment products 


Define your distribution strategy, your funding requirements and your target market.

Segment clients and explore their risk and investment appetite.


In real-time, manage the structuring and issuing processes, from automatic hedging to regulatory compliance and governance.

Produce all necessary documentation.

Monitor the live product from inception to maturity.


Integrate seamlessly with internal advisory dashboards, downstream systems and all interbank processes.

Automate internal workflows to reduce manual work.


Manage all products throughout their lifecycle.

Alert internal teams and clients about product events.

Upon maturity, offer clients new bespoke investments that fit the evolving economic environment and current market conditions.

Next-Gen Technology and Operations

Futora has developed the most comprehensive and user-friendly front-end platform to access, price and manage structured products.

Futora’s platform provides robust and comprehensive pre and post- trade analytics including risk analysis, product testing and lifecycle monitoring for structured products.

Futora’s platform accommodates internal and external regulations and any specific product governance and compliance requirements.

Full operational suite to support entering the market, launching new products, managing existing products and more.

The solution’s back office technology is a fully customisable module that is configurable to accommodate any interbank workflow and information flow requirements.

Distribute your own products or third-party products internally to your network or externally with a whit label solution. Alternatively, join Futora’s marketplace.


Distribution of third party notes

Issuance of structured products

Personalised structured deposits

Invest in structured products

Insurance wrapped structured products


Position your bank as the market leader

Offer innovative investment products, stand out from the crowd and increase your client base

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