Access, manage and distribute third-party notes

Futora’s solution offers a wide range of services for private banks that distribute or would like to distribute structured products

Complete Solution

An end-to-end solution for structured product distributors.

No Extra Costs

Seamless integration that doesn’t require additional costs or resources. 

Fast Access

Rapid access to performance data allows the distributor to deliver an optimal customer experience. 

About our solution

Offering products that can be adapted to meet individual needs is necessary to win and keep high-net-worth clients. This process involves several different stages:

  • The investment team generates ideas and advises clients
  • The treasury prices and executes trade ideas
  • Relationship managers provide frequent updates to clients.

Futora’s solution supports each of these stages:

  • Pricing and execution at the point of sale
  • Central repository of all trades, ideas and products
  • Lifecycle management and event monitoring for all products
  • Whitelabel platform and configurable workflows
  • Portfolio and reporting tools
  • Business intelligence module

Futora's Use Cases

Distribution of third party notes

Issuance of structured products

Position your bank as the market leader

Offer innovative investment products, stand out from the crowd and increase your client base

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