Offer structured products to your clients either as a 3rd party distributor or as an issuer

Futora’s solution offers a wide range of structured product services for the wealth management business of a bank supported by a next generation technology

Complete Solution

An end-to-end operational solution for structured product distribution.

No Extra Costs

Seamless integration that doesn’t require additional costs or resources.

Fast Access

Rapid access to performance data allows the distributor to deliver an optimal customer experience.

About our solution

Offering tailor made structured investment products that can be adapted to meet individual needsof different segments is necessary to win and keep clients across different segments. A retail bank today wants to offer a better investment experience to its segments from mass to affluent and HNWI, Futora enables an institution to elevate such business, offering the most complete operational system for the structured product market. A bank is now able to offer products either:

Own issued, contributing to the funding efforts of the bank or
3rd party issued by prestigious global institutions.
Distributing under subscription or offering bespoke products, Futora is able to support both cases and the entire journey from ideation to distribution. Fully operational subscription module
Complete order management system for all roles
Pricing and execution at the point of sale
Central repository of all trades, ideas and products
Lifecycle management and event monitoring for all products
Whitelabel platform and configurable workflows
Portfolio and reporting tools
Business intelligence module

Futora's Use Cases

Distribution of third party notes

Issuance of structured products

Personalised structured deposits

Position your bank as the market leader

Offer innovative investment products, stand out from the crowd and increase your client base

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