Access, evaluate and invest in the structured product market

Futora’s solution can help you analyse, price and invest in structured products from a single platform


Analyse the risk profile of each trade idea.

Faster Trades

Accelerate the pricing and execution of trades.

Portfolio Management

Build a portfolio and manage it from one place.

About our solution

Institutional investors must thoroughly analyse various ideas and combinations to generate the best ROI on their structured product investments. At the same time, they want to see a product’s economic characteristics without wasting time talking to various counterparties.

Futora has developed an end-to-end solution which institutional investors can use to manage their structured product business. It supplies all the data required to analyse ideas and provides market access to execute trades. 

Key features

  • Structuring and external hedging
  • Central repository of all trades and products
  • Product management and monitoring
  • Regulatory framework

Futora's Use Cases

Distribution of third party notes

Invest in structured investments

Position your bank as the market leader

Offer innovative investment products, stand out from the crowd and increase your client base