Futora Honored with Prestigious SRP Europe 2024 ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ Award

April 10, 2024

Futora Honored with Prestigious SRP Europe 2024 ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ Award 

We at Futora are thrilled to share some exciting news: we’ve been honored with the prestigious SRP Europe 2024 ‘Best Multi-Issuer Platform’ award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every member of our team. It reflects our commitment to excellence and our mission to redefine standards in the world of structured products. 

From the very beginning, we’ve strived to push the boundaries and deliver exceptional experiences to our users. Our platform’s journey from traditional human interactions to email exchanges and GUI-based interfaces has been marked by a dedication to embracing new technologies. Now, with the advent of AI and GenAI technologies, we are expanding our capabilities further to make the journey of all stakeholders greater by combining natural language technologies and communication with the efficiency of machine processing. 

Our dedication to innovation has enabled us to empower banking institutions not only to distribute with ease third party notes but also to issue and distribute tailor-made products for all segments. 

This award recognises Futora in the following.  
This award recognises our platform’s comprehensive support for stakeholders and institutions, offering tailored solutions to meet their diverse needs. Futora’s toolkit provides extensive support, with capabilities designed to cater to over 20 issuers. From pre-trade analytics, including back testing and forward-looking simulations, to PRIIPS KID calculations, our platform enhances decision-making processes. Our multi RFQ functionality ensures efficient trading processes, while events monitoring enhances risk management across the entire product portfolio. With streamlined post-trade lifecycle management and insights into customer holdings and portfolio analytics, Futora empowers informed decision-making at every step. 

Thank you for your incredible support and trust! 
This award is as much yours as it is ours, and we celebrate this remarkable moment together. Our platform, rooted in user-centric design, stands as a beacon of progress within the industry. It’s a validation of our shared journey, where human perspective meets technological innovation. And as we look ahead, we’re excited to continue this journey together, achieving even greater things.