July 4, 2024

85% of investors now emphasise sustainability: the crucial role of wealth managers

A 2023 Global Investor Study reveals a striking statistic: 85% of investors now prioritise sustainability in their investment decisions. This shift signals a burgeoning desire for investments that not only provide financial returns but also contribute to a better world. Wealth managers are at the forefront of this movement, guiding clients through the complexities of sustainable investing.

As wealth managers, you are essential guides in the sustainable investing journey, fulfilling four key roles:

  1. Client empowerment through education: You act as knowledgeable mentors, imparting a deep understanding of sustainable investing to your clients. By breaking down intricate strategies and emphasissng long-term advantages, you empower clients to make informed and impactful investment choices. Your educational efforts help clients see the potential of their investments to drive meaningful change.
  2. Integrating ethical principles into financial strategies: Beyond education, you serve as strategic architects, weaving sustainability into the core of financial planning. You ensure that clients’ long-term financial goals are aligned with ethical considerations, helping them achieve financial success in a socially responsible manner. This alignment fosters a balance between profitability and positive societal impact.
  3. Investing in sustainable products: You carefully select and invest in sustainable products, whether developed in-house or sourced from reputable partners. This ensures that client portfolios are not only profitable but also have a positive impact on the environment and society.
  4. Evaluating and reporting investment outcomes: You develop comprehensive reports using advanced third-party or proprietary metrics to transparently assess and communicate the real-world impacts of investments. These reports provide clients with a clear picture of how their investments are contributing to environmental and social progress, enhancing trust and underscoring the significance of sustainable investing.

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The increasing importance of sustainable investing

The surge in sustainable investing is more than a trend; it represents a profound shift in the investment world. Global sustainable investment assets under management (AUM) reached approximately $35.3 trillion in early 2022, with forecasts suggesting they could hit $50 trillion by 2025. These figures reflect an escalating demand for investments that deliver more than financial returns—they drive positive change.

As sustainability takes center stage for an increasing number of investors, the financial sector is undergoing a transformative shift. Wealth managers like you are not merely participants in this evolution; you are leaders and pioneers. By mastering the principles of sustainable investing, you guide clients through, helping them achieve financial goals that also benefit the planet. Your role is crucial in shaping a future where financial prosperity and social responsibility are intertwined, fostering a wave of positive change that redefines the core of investing.