Trade Ideas Module

April 30, 2024

Introducing Trade Ideas Module: Optimising Structured Products Operations 

Let’s face it, many firms struggle with the chaotic management of trade idea generation and distribution, often resulting in the inability to scale up their structured products business effectively. But what if I told you there’s a secret weapon, a tool so powerful it’s poised to transform how we conceive, communicate, and execute these ideas?

Within the structured products market, a vast array of ideas can be generated. Central investment teams and Relationship Managers (RMs) juggle between themes, types, payoffs, and permutations to create product ideas that suit different styles and risk reward appetite of clients. This situation creates a bottleneck in the business, as private wealth companies strive to efficiently serve clients with greater speed. There is a clear need to generate and ‘advertise’ ideas to sales channels so that RMs can access the right products for their customers. 

Futora has developed a Trade Idea Module that aids RMs by providing products readily available for client service, as well as benefiting the structuring team by eliminating the need to communicate manually products to the distribution network. 

Advantages of the Trade Ideas Module: 

  • Save time and effort. 
  • Provide an exceptional client experience (thanks to a smooth operational system). 
  • Achieve optimal team cooperation through efficient management of interest and order management, data analysis, documentation, legal framework, and more. 
  • Extensive investor outreach and adaptable product campaigns options. 
  • Streamlined structuring to accommodate scalability. 

How it works: 
The structuring team investigates market trends, analyses various underlyings, and determines the optimal combinations of trade parameters to align with the investment preferences of wealth advisor clients. Once these parameters are determined, they are posted to the system, enabling RMs to efficiently carry out their duties.

This module provides two interfaces tailored to the needs of both RMs and administrators (structuring or investment product teams). For Relationship Managers, it offers an intuitive product management system, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Simultaneously, it empowers administrators by granting them control over product selection for publication, product allocation, order management, and other functionalities. 

The Trade Idea Module is also accompanied by the analytical tool that is able to help teams in pre-trade and post-trade tasks. Brom analysing products with back testing, forward looking scenarios and others, to a full lifecycle capabilities across any payoff traded.

Trade Ideas Module Characteristics: 

  • Bespoke ideas that can accommodate the interests, wants, and requirements of many clients. 
  • Configure groups of RMs to provide access to appropriate screens for better control. 
  • Categorise by themes or other product factors, facilitating easy navigation. 
  • Run multiple campaigns. 
  • White-label platform capability. 

Closing up, as the structured products market evolves, firms seek a competitive edge in managing trade ideas and operations. With the introduction of Futora’s Trade Ideas Module, this edge becomes a reality. Gone are the days of chaotic trade idea management and cumbersome distribution processes. This powerful tool not only saves time and effort but also enhances the client experience through streamlined operations.

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